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This gem was a Galaxy 500 Convertible that my mom drove in the early 70’s before it was poorly stored in a Massachusetts dirt floored barn until around 2005 when it was pulled out into this lovely place. The brush had fully concealed its presence until recently. 

It was given away, along with the valid and current title and the doodlebug just to get them gone... I loved that car as a kid, but there’s no way I would attempt to save it!


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I may be in a position to get them both, but def. dont want to spend anything on them. The malibu looks to be pretty complete and may make a good parts car. I just dont know them and what is available and if anything is worthwhile, top frame, window trim, grill, etc.

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Neighbor has a 66 or 67 chevelle  vert.  Been under a car cover on the side of his garage the entire cover is moss and grass.  Gotta snap another pic, I did a while ago.  We are taking dog walking but it is pitch black out there now...  In terms of a fool's errand I see you and raise.. 😁

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8 hours ago, George Cole said:

I've certainly seen much, much worse brought back to life.


I've even done some from much worse, hence my earlier comment (based on experience).

Heck, my first ever project would make these look like well maintained/stored "survivors", but at the age of 16 attempting to do it with no experience, proper guidance, access (nor $$s) to half of its previously lost or hacked parts (incl, missing engine & trans) or even well rounded common sense (yet), not to mention, living 4K+ miles from the cars birthplace on another continent and possessing no English language skills required to read & understand one of the first “saving grace” purchases called “Service Manual” (pictures were somewhat helpful), seemed like a good idea at the time. 

OTOH, if nothing else, it got me started with this hobby and now 4+ decades later, no regrets.


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