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1935 Chevy pickup

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I purchased this last week mainly to save it from going to junk. It is in fairly good shape, has good bones and can be restored. It is not an easy restoration nor will it be difficult or impossible. The truck appears original and is mostly complete. Here is what i see missing after a quick look. Radiator, grille, lower radiator apron, Fuel tank, gauges, seat, radiator support rod, wiring harness, one door garnish molding. This is a quick list but it’s not much more. I have currently been working on another 34’ and will have more parts that came from a working truck. This truck driveline is complete but motor nor trans is currently free. The cab sheet metal has some rotted area but the majority of the areas are easy flat metal repairs. All I can see missing is one rocker panel so the other can be used to make two new ones. The bed is mostly there but it would be cheaper, easier, and faster to simply purchase a complete replacement bed for $1,500. The very hard to find windshield frame is there and in very good shape other than rusty. Hood is there and mostly straight with few dents but center hinge rivets are pulled from one side. Roof is there, no real dents but has some repairable rot on the side and the flat underside metal above the windshield will need to be replaced. The doors are in surprising good to very good shape with one having the bottom nail edge needing replacement but handles, latches, regulators, knobs, and inner panels all there. The hinges and even the OEM mirror bracket is still there. The dash panel is there, in good shape but no gauges or support plate. The cowl is there, not bad needing the typical bottoms repaired, some repairs to the toe boards, and the two mounts. Still, it is repairable with some work. The fenders, running boards, and rear fenders are there but on the rough side. Many of the hard to find parts are there and the majority of the parts in rough or missing are available as repops. The bed complete, fuel tank, running boards, and fenders are all available. 
      I have a lot of extra parts to go with this truck including another 35’ motor that ran good and was a takeout from a rod project. I have the majority of original wood for patterns for recreating the cab wood. If you don’t want to make wood, Bill Cartwright has a full wood kit for this truck. There is two unused main sills included. There is a lot of truck here for the money and I’m up to offers as it needs to go. It’s currently in covered storage. PM me if you’re interested. These trucks are getting hard to find. Asking $1,125 but I’m open to offers. I’m going to sell it so I’ll listen to all offers.



























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