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Security System (VATS) for 95 Riviera

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I would like to disable the security system because I'm afraid I won't be able to get the car started as it has acted up a few times. When I pulled the bottom cover off under the steering wheel, I thought I would find an orange wire plugged into a connector with a purple and white wire - similar to episodes I have seen on youtube. However, it looks more complicated than that in my car.


Does anybody know the color of the wires drive the security system or do you have to take off more of the dash just to gain access? Thanks.



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Does it not start, just like it was dead, then 10 minutes later start just fine?  I had that problem on a 93.  The mechanic who takes care of my cars told me the two little wires in the ignition switch that touch the key and read the resistance chip in the key get weak.  He measured the chip and put a resistor in the wire to the ignition switch.  No problems since.  If that's your situation. If not, then I have no other solution.  Until I had it fixed, I'd just find something else to do for 10 minutes. I never did get stranded, just frustrated.

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What happens to these is that the little frog hair wires going to the ignition lock

cylinder break inside the insulation because they flex every time the key is turned.

What your car needs is a new lock cylinder installed. If you want to bypass the broken wires,

the easy fix is buy a replacement lock cylinder with a key in it, plug it in under the dash where the wires

that are broken plug in, and wrap it with tape and secure it under the dash with plastic ties.  Otherwise

you can buy the proper resistor to match your igniton key resistance and install it between the two wires

 under the dash board, but why don't you just replace the lock cylinder with a new one...it isn't all that

expensive to have done if you don't have the proper tools or know how.


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