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A Fun Performance Review Video Of My 1953 Chrysler.....

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I am having lots of fun making these videos. My hope is that the next generation grabs on to these old gems! They are unique in many ways. Not seen on the roads too often any more.



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Thanks for the kind replies folks. I am not in the professional business of using my voice. I do the YT videos just for fun. Doing video production ties nicely into my love for vintage cars. It enhances the old-car experience. 

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Thanks for the fine video, the performance appears to be completely adequate for then and now.    Only on a high-speed, dense-traffic, four lane expressway would it be out of its element.  I have a '53 Packard Clipper Deluxe, 327 ci straight eight, Ultramatic 'two-speed' automatic with similar performance.


I'm curious about the vinyl dash pads Chryslers had, is yours original or has it been recovered?   If original, can you determine what type of vinyl they utilized?  It seems to have been unusually durable.

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