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Wanted: Heat Riser Thermostatic Spring for 6-cyl Flat Head.


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I am looking for the flat coiled bi-metal spring that controls intake manifold heat. According to Andy Bernbaum's web site, it probably fits the Chrysler 6-cylinder Spitfire engines from 1937 to 1954.

Can anybody help?

Thank you.


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Tom Hannaford Jr. at Antique Auto Parts Cellar (and its retail store Then and Now Automotive) have the springs. Contact information is:

Antique Auto Parts Cellar

PO Box 3 (6 Chauncy Street)

Weymouth , MA 02190

Telephone: (781) 335-1579

Fax: 781-335-1925

email: Thecellar@then-now.com


Sorry for the slow response, but I almost never scroll down far enough to see the WPC forum.

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