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For Sale: 1951 DeSoto Custom - $8,900 - Holley, NY - Not Mine

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For Sale: 1951 DeSoto Custom - $8,900 - Holley, NY


1951 DeSoto Custom 4 door 6 cylinder, automatic transmission. Starts instantly and runs and drives smooth, New carb, battery, and tires. Was a repaint about 36 years ago and the paint is wearing thin. Note original factory stamps on the firewall. A fun car to drive. In NY it has a transferable registration, no title. Would prefer to sell it before I need to store it for the winter. I do not believe I can include the license plates. $8900.

Contact: no phone listed.

Copy and paste in your email:   b7e8d14f63e33f94853106ae11db2e7b@sale.craigslist.org


I have no personal interest or stake in the eventual sale of this 1951 DeSoto Custom sedan.  Note; NYS DMV has a provision to register antique cars with plates from the year of the car's model year.   In this case, should another New York owner wish to continue to register this DeSoto with the 1951 plates, its possible to do so.  The NYS DMV website describes the process for those interested in doing so.

'51 DeSoto Custom NY a.jpg

'51 DeSoto Custom NY b.jpg

'51 DeSoto Custom NY c.jpg

'51 DeSoto Custom NY d.jpg

'51 DeSoto Custom NY e.jpg

'51 DeSoto Custom NY f.jpg

'51 DeSoto Custom NY g.jpg

'51 DeSoto Custom NY h.jpg

'51 DeSoto Custom NY i.jpg

'51 DeSoto Custom NY j.jpg

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OK, I can see the original factory stampings on the firewall but more importantly the car needs $8K? worth of repainting and engine detailing for starters. Pretty sure the seller will be storing it this winter, next winter and the winter after that unless there's a significant price reduction. 

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9 minutes ago, Joe Cocuzza said:



Yes, going by the color of the wires, you are correct!  Could the owner have used red for negative and black for positive, just to confuse people?  MoPars of that era were definitely positive ground.

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