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1932 Detroit Electric Chassis

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37 minutes ago, Akstraw said:

Restored chassis - ready to begin sheet metal and body installation next week.


So what are you going to do with the batteries?   Do you have the original cases?  I've wondered if EV restorers are substituting more modern technology inside the old cases.

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1 hour ago, Akstraw said:

Most Detroit owners seem to be using modern 6-volt golf cart batteries.  That is what I plan to use.  I do not have the originals.


As a 32,  is it an updated earlier car or one of the "newer" looking ones?   In the 30s it seems like they were just building or updating to order.  No spec builds.

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I found this thread backwards... through your post to someone else's post in the more general "Our Cars and Restoration Projects" thread.  I'm interested in following this restoration.. do you have a "start" to the restoration and perhaps a thread about the restoration of the body?


Really great looking car and a fantastic job on it!!

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Lun2Wrench, I appreciate your interest.  Sorry there is no detailed thread out there for you to view.  I have been working on this car for about 12 months.  Here are a few shots of the body taken along the way.


















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Here is an update on this project.  I am in the final stage of this restoration; learning how to do the upholstery as I go.  I have had to do most pieces two or three times, but it is coming together nicely.


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I must say that I never paid much attention to the early electrics until I saw one up close on the third floor of the AACA Museum some 15 or more years ago.  I thought “I might like to own one of those some day”.   Finally, the right one came along at the right time. Still learning about it.  For example:  when a gasoline car dogs out on a hill, you downshift to add more torque; when your electric dogs out on a hill, you upshift (into the higher speed setting), to increase voltage to the DC motor.  It has been a fun project, with still more to learn.

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