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WTB pistons for a 27’ Model 36

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Looking for a set of .030” over pistons for a 1927 Model 36. The cheapest new set so far is $1,600 including rings and pins. Just checking all my options to help the customer out. 


Bore = 4.030”

Compression Height = 3.250” with dome

Dome = .250”

Pin = 1.080 currently


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Don’t run the factory pistons. They fail........Been there, done that. 1600 is more than the 1200 I would expect. Be careful who you use.......lots of problems with established companies lately. PM me for additional insight. Do yourself a favor........you can’t build a Pierce motor on a budget. They are expensive.......and short cuts will cause them to pop. 

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So far, nobody has forgings with that tall of compression height, so they would have to be billet. I figured I'd try the slim chance someone has an aftermarket set on the shelf. Ed, we had a conversation about pistons at Amelia, I had the 14' Lozier parked 2 trailers down from you.

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