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RivCat Has Some Good Items For Sale-Save Yourself Some Money


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I was at RivCat's today buying some items from him. I got to see the hood spear he has listed for sale in person. It is in excellent condition. It is nicer than any of the ones I have saw on e-bay right now for much more money. At this price it is a steal. You won't be disappointed.


He also has EZI glass that looked to be in really nice condition. He has both of the door window pieces, both rear quarter window pieces and both vent window pieces. Unfortunately, the rear window and windshield are toast. 


I also noticed that the driver's side vent window assembly leading edge chrome was in excellent condition with little or no pitting. That leading edge chrome usually has a lot of pitting on the outside surface, the inside surface or both surfaces. On my car the outside surface was beautiful but, the inside surface that meets the weatherstrip was very pitted. I paid some good money for pit free vent window assemblies. 


The 2 outer door handles and push buttons also appeared to be in very nice condition. The buttons worked easily and were very smooth.


David is very reasonable with his pricing and willing to deal on anything that he has that you need. Give him a shout.



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22 hours ago, RivCat said:



Was good to meet you and thanks for kind words.  Hopefully we can meet again at Iola next year.






Likewise, it was a pleasure to meet you. Fingers crossed that we will have shows to go next year. Looking forward to seeing you at Iola.



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