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1970 Eldorado Power Seat Switch Help Please


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Hi Everyone

I am hoping someone has a 1970 Fisher Service Manual and can take a picture of a page for me.

Looking for the wire assignment for the power seat switch (example attached.)

Mine is a 1966 Toronado "E" body with a 6-way power seat. The complete unit has failed and I was able to acquire a unit from a 1970 Eldorado. It works with the wiring and switch the seller included. However the wiring and switch are slightly different from the 1966 Toronado and I am attempting to get the Eldorado unit to work with the Toronado switch.

One difference is the large orange wire that is power on the Eldorado unit (pic attached.)

Your help is greatly appreciated.

PS Front(1).jpg

PS Switch Back.jpg

PS Power Lead.jpg

PS Text.jpg

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Rather than a half-fast repair, why not just get the correct switch base with brand new contacts. Fusick sells them. You have to carefully disassemble your old switch and reuse the knob and rockers.





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