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CITROEN D-Series Parts and 3 CV-6 (Ami-6) manual Available soon - ANY INTEREST ?

Marty Roth

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CITROEN D-Series Parts Available soon - ANY INTEREST ?

Also an original Technical 3CV AM January 1964 Edition Owners Manual from our Ami-6 (101 Full page Illustrations plus 222 page Technical Operations).


I HAVE STARTED CLEARING OUT ONE OF MY GARAGES (wife cheering in the background)

As I do, there may be several parts of interest - mostly mechanical, but a few trim parts,

and 2 very good D-Series hoods from a 1967.

also at least one DS-21 Wheel 5-lug

I'm located Half-way between the New Orleans French Quarter and the Airport.


Please respond here, or click on my name (above-left) for a PM (Private Message), 

and let me know of any specific needs. I'll check to see if I can help.

More pics to be added as I retrieve and catalog them.





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