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'52 Ambassador engine oil leaks at row of bolts.

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I just got the engine running and on the right side low, just above the oil pan is a row of 5/16ths bolts going into something.  Each of these bolts is leaking oil.  I thought they were 1/8npt plugs going into the oil galley leaking, I pulled one out and find out it is a bolt and has a brass washer.  No mention of these are in the manual, anybody shed light on them?  Do i replace the brass washers with new copper ones? pipe dope on the threads? will something drop into the oil pan if I take them out?  What are the bolts holding?  There is a row of them running front to rear of the motor, you can just barely see them from up top and can't at all from underneath.

Any insight is appreciated, Oj

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