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1952 power steering

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I removed the power steering parts from a 1952 Super I found in a junkyard in Mn about 15 years ago, car and yard are both gone. My intention is to rebuild and install in my 51 Super convert, I thought I got everything I needed but realize I didn’t get the water pump pulley which I assume is a double pulley like the crankshaft pulley which I do have. Now I think I can fabricate a double pulley from 2 singles, am I on the right track?

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On 10/27/2020 at 10:01 AM, old-tank said:


A 5/8 inch spacer between the  2 singles will work.

And U can fab that spacer if U have an original single spacer. Cut off the end with the indent blind hole to get 11/16" length file carefully to finished length. Redrill blind hole to accept water pump centering stub. Easy-peasy if dble fan spacer is needed. PS 1/16" is for folks like me who need a "fudge factor", machinists, "nothin 2 C here" heehee!

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