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Hi all.  My dad was a lover and collector of Buicks.  He passed away earlier this year and the estate has several to sell and lots of random parts to get rid of.  He has two 1956s, a 1952, and a 1954. Two in working order and the others need some TLC. I'm posting a picture of the 1956s  - Red in running condition  - Orange/white has all parts, just needs to be put back together  Any insight on the best way to price/sell?  1536302322_Buick-OrangeandWhite-engine.thumb.jpg.c033c11cb3ace1f6a0f2ff92f94114b2.jpg

1956 - Engine.jpg

1956 - Interior.jpg

1956 buick - Side.jpg

1956 buick -Front.jpg

Buick -Orange and White.jpg

Buick -Orange and White-Side.jpg

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Please provide some more details.  What are the series for the 1952 and 1954?  Roadmaster, Special, Century or Super?


Do you have transferable title work for the cars?  Where are the cars located?  Distance to delivery / pick up all but excludes many vehicles from distance sales. 


The 4 door Special noted above that is running and driving is a $5000 car at best.  The orange car, depending on whether it is a Century or a Special - is in the $3500 to $6500 range but is likely only going to yield a local sale. 


The 1952 - if it is a Special or Super and is not running, is likely a $2500 car best. Less depending on condition and number of doors. 

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I see the replies are few.  First, I’m sorry to hear that you lost your Dad.  He no doubt had many things in common with the many people that visit this forum.  Also, I don’t envy your task of dispensing with his projects.  Only with the luckiest events will you be able to accomplish this without a lot of work and time.


Im not interested myself but I think you have come to the right place for advice and to even advertise.  If your sights are set on getting the highest price, then you’ll probably be in for a very long effort.  To do that you will want to set a price for each car and provide lots of pics and then wait.  I don’t think parting out will bring the most but maybe someone else will have a different opinion.  But, once you decide to part out, all you have left to offer is parts.


I would suggest that you set your sights on making sure every car goes to a Buick enthusiast who will give it the very best chance of ending up like the Buick your Dad had in his sights.  To do that, drop your price to levels even lower than what Jake suggests.  Then, be willing to work with potential buyers in shipping and making sure parts are accurately divided to the right car.  

The tough fact is that none of these cars are premium value cars.  They were once fine Buicks but the expense to return them back to that condition far outweighs their value, even if you gave them away.


Good luck with it.


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