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Engine rebuild shop


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I know that this is a ways down the road from you, but, Abrahams Machine Service in Davenport, Iowa is where you should have your engine rebuilt.  These folks have been in business since 1927 and have the equipment and experience

to work on the old engines like yours.  Their phone number is - (800) 553-8990.  the email address is - abrahamsmachine@cs.com.  The manager/owner is - Dave Mattison.  These old machine shops like this are becoming fewer and fewer as

each year goes by.  If you want an excellent job at a reasonable cost, then these are the folks that you will be wanting to talk with.  If you talk with Dave - tell him that I sent you his way.  They rebuilt the engine for my 1916 Model D-45.


Terry Wiegand

South Hutchinson, Kansas

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Hello,thanks for the reply I have been trying to get some of the local shops around Erie but all are busy with racing cars.The block definitely needs a rebore and head work too.This is a 49 with insert bearings so really should not be much different than an inline six with 2 extra cylinders.


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