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My recently acquired big six that “needed the spokes tightened” has a front hub that’s cracked in half. I’m  looking for a replacement. 

the threads on the outside are 2-5/8-16 and I’ve posted a few pics with a tape below. Does anyone have one? 






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Linus I  have earlier hubs which are roughly the same dimensions but have 12 bolts whereas yours have 8.  I have never seen one of these hubs that have broken (cracked) as you describe.  Can you show a photo of the cracked hub?.  

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I took the wheel to George so he could start getting ready to respoke it when I find a hub. I don’t have a picture but I do have a video. I don’t think I can post it here. I did post the video in the Northern California Antique studebaker Facebook group. It cracked radially all the way around at the back just at the face of the inner bearing race.  

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The best way to find one is to check your parts books and see which models share that hub.

From the 29 Studebaker inventories I have a box full of front and rear hubs that I have not inventoried yet but some have part numbers but I doubt that there is an early one like you are looking for but find part numbers and you never know.I won't be inventorying these until spring , so if you did not obtain one by then , I will check.I am pretty well dead in the water because of the covid.

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Parts book shows fits at least 1919 EH EG , 1920 EH EG,  1921 EH EG, 1922 EL EK.

Part number Hub with bearing cups 31955

                       Hub Flange 31959

I am not sure which you need or both.

But looks like you need to take apart and see. Perhaps you only need the flange?

I don't have a 1923, 1924  book, to see if fits those years.

But 1925 and up books shows different ones.

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