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1931 Lincoln Dietrich convertible sedan

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1931 Lincoln type 211 Dietrich convertible sedan. A Lincoln salon offering for 1931 and one of Lincoln’s most expensive cars; sold new for $7,600. 55 built, five remain. Three-position top.  Division window. Beautiful interior wood trim. Complete, missing nothing.


Acquired by me in 2013 from a New England car collection where it had been for 50+ years.  In 1960s they repainted it and installed a new top.  I went through the car mechanically, including a professionally rebuilt engine, carburetor, fuel pump, starter, generator, et cetera.  Driven on the 2016 Classic Car Club of America New England CARavan (1,700 miles) and similar long tours.  Superb driving car.  Retains original leather interior except for front seats which were replaced with color-dyed replacement leather.  


Car may be driven and enjoyed as-is or restored to the new owner’s desired level.  Have original color chips (Slate Green and Hamilton Green).  Sale includes 1931 Book of Instruction and 1931 Lincoln Salon catalogue.

1931 Lincoln Dietrich at GC.JPG

1931 Lincoln Dietrich conv sedan adv .JPG


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1 hour ago, alsancle said:


It is bugging me I can't place the hotel.   Ocean House at Watch Hill?




The place a cup of coffee costs 12 bucks...........not sure if that is the new Ocean House.......but it looks too big to me. 

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