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Where to source parts?


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Any spring shop should be able to make new springs.  Why do you need new springs, perhaps just have your old springs re-arched.  Another thing to consider is how many people are going to be in the car most of the time.  As I was using my Pontiac as my daily driver and most of the time I was alone I arched the left side more than the right side so that the car set level with me in the drivers seat.  By the way you can re-arch them yourself, I did.

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Turns out the left side springs front and rear appear flat and have lost its arch. Measuring it, the drivers side is about an inch lower vs the passenger side. I guess not a major surprise after 92 years. I figure the car might sit up some and ride better too,


Not a major issue, but now that I see it, I want to correct it. I see that 28 chevy springs are being made. Are they the same or do the front ones have to be from a chevy truck because of the 6 cylinder engine?




Thank you




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