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Early truck


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The name on the radiator appears to be two words, which I have not deciphered.


I haven't been able to get a good close up but if you save the photo and then expand it on your computer you might be able to read it.


Maybe ER at the end of the upper word and EC at the end of the lower one??


A suggestion elsewhere it was a Republic but I don't think so.


I think the reason the girls in the background bailed out is the lack of rear fenders on the truck.



truck mud.jpg

truck mud (2).jpg

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3 hours ago, oldcarfudd said:

The closest I can come to reading it is Complex Limited.  Was there such a machine?  I know less than zilch about trucks.


Not far off - I had an answer elsewhere on this a short time ago - actually a Duplex Limited - 


A hairy ride at 50 mph??



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