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If you can't find one, try searching the forums at p15-24.com  It's a very active site for the Mopar flathead crowd.  There have been several threads on home-made brake adjusting tools that you'd probably find helpful.  

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It an AMMCO 8500 in pretty good shape.

Dial seems to work as it should.

The tag shows several manufacturers drum diameters and max rebores.

I would have to have a pretty healthy offer to sell, it but would be happy to loan it for shipping expenses.





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I just looked this up on eBay and they are listed from 50 to 110 dollars.

However every single one of them seems to have issues with the micrometer as none of them are resting at zero.

Mine does indeed rest at zero and seems to work properly.

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2 hours ago, JACK M said:


Jack: Thanks. After I saw your calipers I started thinking. I have a slightly simpler set somewhere. Sure enough I rambled around and found them. A bit cruder than yours, but they served the purpose. I am still on the hunt for a 1750 but for now I am satisfied. Thanks for the help. Zeke

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