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BW DG Transmission tool band adjuster needed


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I'm reaching out to Studebaker, Jaguar, and other owners of the Borg Warner Detroit Gear 250 or 200 transmission for the automatic transmission DG band adjuster tool.  This is a Kent-Moore J-4285 DG Band Adjusting Tool.   I cannot find one to buy so I'm looking to loan one.   It appears to be a simple tool so I'll return it the day after it arrives.

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Have you tried calling Bill Sawrey in Tennessee, he is the "used Kent-Moore tool guy" phone  number 865-354-four 6 nine 5, I will also keep looking also, as I did see on e-bay a snap-on tool number ATC-52 that looked very similar but has been sold,

Keep us posted.


Stay Safe



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1 hour ago, JimKB1MCV said:

You probably could increase your exposure quite a bit if you posted a inquiry on the Studebaker Drivers Club forum  https://forum.studebakerdriversclub.com/


The tool in the picture looks simple enough to copy if you had the measurements.


If you happen to locate  the tool, please post the measurements. 


Good luck


Just registered.  Thanks.  I also thought about the Jaguar forum.

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1 hour ago, John Byrd said:

Hey Checker, if you have the shop manual, it also tells how to do it if you don't have that tool. It's a very simple instruction.  If you need a pic of that paragraph, I can run out and get my manual and copy it for you.

I have a Jaguar Service Manual that I have read cover to cover (more or less) but did not see the procedure.  I would gladly try the instructions you mention and would appreciate a pic of it.  Thanks. 

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24 minutes ago, John Byrd said:

Here ya' go checker, a page shot and a couple showing the instruction.  Good luck.




Thank you John, it's interesting that my Jaguar Transmission Service Manual has the exact same photos and band adjustment procedure with the tool yet omits the procedure without the tool.  Snug then back off 4 turns.  Sounds easy enough.  Thanks again.

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