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I've noticed recently that photos in a post are defaulting to the standard 800 pixel width. When posting multiple photos, I typically double-click on the image and downsize it to 200 or 300 pixels wide so there's not a giant photo in the middle of the post and people can click on it to enlarge. However, in the last week or so, any photo that I resize ultimately reverts back to the 800 pixel size.


I also just looked at a post of mine from May and the photos there that were formerly 200 pixels wide are now 800 as well. So something in the software must have changed where it no longer sees the user-entered sizing. This post formerly had six or seven rows of 200x150 images, four across, but now they're all 800x600 again: 



It's a minor thing, but I don't like bombarding people with a bunch of big photos and always liked to be able to make them smaller using the forum software so that I could still post photos large enough to see.


Has something changed? The interface is the same but it doesn't seem to "save" the resizes anymore.


Thank you!



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