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1975 LeSabre convertible - Canada Version - Best photo ever!

B Jake Moran

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The text of the ad is very brief, and the Craig's List ad

has no phone number listed:


"1975 Buick Le Sabre - $12,000, Traverse City [northern Michigan].

Originally from Canada all miles are in kilometers. Low miles. Second owner. Great interior."


I think the price is already more than fair for a

low-mileage convertible, unless the car has some

rust.  But I doubt that the odometer would be in

kilometers.  If so, the speedometer would be also;  and

what speedometer would top off at only 100 kilometers

per hour--62 miles per hour!


Can our Canadian friends give more insight into the

kilometer-versus-mile question?




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That's a MPH speedometer. As someone said above, if it was kilometers, 100km. (the top indicated speed) is around 60 MPH, and that would not make sense. That's not a bad price for what looks like a genuine 36,000 mile car. If it were a southern car, the dashboard would be cracked, tops of door panels faded, and driver's seat will be split at the seams. I don't care for the black top with the copper-colored paint, though. Car screams out for a tan or white top with that paint color.

Pete Phillips, BCA #7338

Leonard, TX

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