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1937 Dodge D5 coupe fuel sender location ?

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I have a 1937 D7 4 door (Canadian built D5, more or less).  (Frame off restoration in mid 70's')  It couldn't be easier to remove the tank on these cars!  Drain the gas by opening the valve at the bottom of the tank.  Undo the straps to drop the tank a bit and undo the gas line and sender unit.  


That way you have complete access to the tank to inspect it and clean it out properly.  Mine had a lot of varnish deposits and dirt in the tank. and in the fuel lines.  If needed, you can reseal the inside of the tank.  Inspect or replace the fuel gauge sender as required.  All much easier to deal with the tank out. 


THEN if you really want to cut holes in your trunk you can.   But my concern would be:

1) You don't want to keep it as original?!

2)  how often do you expect to be accessing the fuel gauge sending unit?

3)  depreciating the value of your car.

4)  weakening the floor of the trunk.

5)  inviting leaks and rust in the floor of the trunk


What ever your choice, good luck.

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