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Pontiac Chief Plaques


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They look bronze to me, the same composition as cents, with the silvery look being a trick of the light. The green is corrosion, and on collectibles is not fixable. I believe that is what these are... sculpture intended for wall art. I don't believe these are automotive in origin. Some people like the look with the corrosion so you may actually be able to find them a happy home, if that is your intent. 

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What is their diameter?  More than a foot?

They look very large, and that might be

a clue too.


Something large and heavy likely wouldn't

be a decorative wall hanging.


48 minutes ago, John348 said:

Are there any markings on the back?


That's an excellent question.

A picture of the back, or at least a maker's name,

initials, or monogram, might give the answer, or

get us closer. 


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