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Best wishes for your dad, Eric. He is fortunate to have a loving son to help him. 


As an automobile related aside : I remember the day you were born fairly well, although in a very different context. I celebrated my 21st birthday that day. My friend Tom Cain took me out beer drinking in his "Jagmobile". XK120 drophead with an Olds V8 and a Pont' hydramatic. Tom lost his right arm on the sad side of a bicycle-automobile accident at a young age. Never let it hold him back. You should have seen him play baseball. Make a catch, flip the ball airborne while dropping his mitt, catch the ball again and relay it on. The automatic in the "Jagmobile" was a factor in his purchase. However, he certainly could crossdraw shift a manual trans while steering with his elbow. Tom taught me the crossdraw shift which I learned well. Allowed me to otherwise occupy my right arm when in the automotive company of a friendly lady.


July 9th  birthday trivia : July 9th is Argentine Independence day. Lucky lads born there that day are exempt from otherwise obligatory military service.   -   Carl 

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