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Does Thule of Sweden still make enclosed car trailers?

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I don’t know where you are doing internet research from - if it is outside the lower (48) states then your results could be different than mine:








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Yes I saw some smaller things like that like; they are certainly pretty interesting but I was trying to find some info on the enclosed aluminum Thule car trailers.  I notice that's a 2008 model, I haven't seen any more recent model years for sale second hand which makes me think they probably stopped making them. Or maybe they're custom order only and people just hang on to them?

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Thule “took over” Cargo Pro our of Maine. I have 2 03 Cargo Pro’s and they are great. I think Snopro is in the building now and it is not the same ( by a long shot). For newly made my vote is hands down InTech.

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