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Show us a picture of your car. Since we did not have any cars shows. (covid19)


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My daily (well not so much daily at the moment, less than 1000 miles on it since delivery in March) and the 22 Cadillac 


I haven't measured, but I believe if you include the tyres the cadillac is slightly longer 



Bear in mind, I have 19" rims on the station wagon.... the cadillac is comedically large



20200519_025711631_iOS (2).jpg

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  • Peter Gariepy changed the title to Show us a picture of your car. Since we did not have any cars shows. (covid19)

Overcast day here on long island so will have to use some photos taken within the last few years, cars still look the same.

The blue Buick is a 1940 model 71C Roadmaster. Engine never opened up and has about 50,000 miles on it from new. It got a cosmetic restoration in the very early 1970s. Car is tight - no rattles whatsoever for a conv sedan. Sold new in northern California. I have had it about a decade. Heater has two speeds - off and furnace ( two heaters one under the passenger front seat one on the firewall.) at one time owned by the San Francisco Chapter of the Hell's Angels motorcycle lads. In the background is my next door neighbor - Belmont Park Race Track.

The Packard is a 1930 7th series model 733. What is known as the "standard eight" 134 1/2 inch wheelbase, 7 passenger touring car. It had a chassis up restoration in the early 1970s got an AACA 1st place award and then was in heated storage for over 40 years rarely used. I have owned Packards over the years but nothing prior to 1936 and was amazed how easy this car steers. The driving lights on the front are Packard factory authorized accessories for 1930 and shown in the accessory catalog issued by the factory for that year.

Both cars have been looked at by marque specialists to make sure the mechanical aspects are well sorted as they know I drive my cars a lot  and have no interest in awards, judging etc. Thank you Doug Seybold and Byron York you are good friends.



PACKARDtouringin garage.jpg

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1991 Chevrolet S-10 Blazer. I am the second owner - ziebarted when new. Previous owner used it only for family vacations and changed oil and filter every year and waxed it thoroughly every fall (including door jamb and the back of the pinch welds - glass smooth)..just turned 50,000 miles





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The dash in my 47 Hudson convertible fell out and broke. I was very upset 😞 I looked all over for a replacement. As everyone knows, I try very hard to keep them original. Not being able to locate an original, unbroken 46-47 dash. I had no choice but to install a dash from a 49 Commodore. I do hope that in the future, I will be able to find an unbroken dash. And correct this temporary fix.😁



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Our 1971 Volvo 1800E, lined up at the start of our only car event this summer, the "Ironstone Corona Tour" at the Ironstone Winery, Murphys, California.  Other years there's a concours with around 250 pre-1973 cars (and a tour).  This year, just the tour for 100 vehicles (which ranged from 1917 to 1972), with a "socially distanced" picnic at the winery grounds.  Yes, that is a Pierce Arrow Silver Arrow behind us -- a wonderful rear view mirror view!  



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Sorry but I'm not much into car shows with mine. 

Besides, I believe there's plenty of pictures of mine here already and if I post too many, they can get boring.

I did manage to capture couple of cool onboard driving videos last weekend, but not computer savvy enough to transfer them to these forums.

+/-150 combined miles of spirited driving pleasures between two. One with brand new tires, other getting close to needing a new set after 3.5 years and almost 14K miles.

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Currently own  a 1929 Model A Special Coupe, 1911 Ford Mother-in-Law Roadster, Model T with after market Runabout body. Previously owned 1941 Packard 160, MGTD Replicar, and 1929 Packard 626.






29 packard.jpg

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