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1930 DeSoto king pins and suspension parts.

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   It's getting to be time to start working on June Bug again.  Leaf spring grommets, king pins, and rebuild shocks.  Main goal this winter is to improve the drive quality.  I did find a place that lists the king pins but was hoping to find a supplier that could provide all the parts for this project. 

   Is this out of the question or should I be happy with different sources?

Thanks for your help. 

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From my own very limited experience, I've found that when projects require different pieces from different supp;iers, if something doesn't come out right the first thing you get is a merry=go=round of finger pointing---

"My parts were perfect, tour installer botched the assembling" or "we only put together the parts you provided; we're not to blame if they weren't up to spec."...

Buying from someone who'll do the work is most always much more expensive, but if somthig's awry the fault can't be shunted off to someone else...

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Thanks for the leads. If you haven't been following the weather our winter is starting at least a month early so parts need to get ordered.  Darned Global warming! 

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