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1921 Maryland License plate restored

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I decided that since Maryland will now let you use an original Maryland License plate for the year of your titled car as your tag, I would try to find a 1921 Maryland plate and try to restore it for my 1922 Buick.  Since my very early 1922 Buick has an engine number that is a 1921 number and is titled as a 1921, I had to find a 1921 tag to use.  In Maryland, Like many other states, cars were titled by engine number vs serial numbers so I couldn't use a 1922 Maryland tag.  Of course I didn't realize the error of my ways until I already purchased the 1922 tags.  Just thought I would share some photos of this small project of so many hours of labor.


I bought these on Ebay and after glass beading them to clean them up, we noticed that their were many small rust holes around the bottoms of many of the numbers, some of which had been filled with Bondo it seemed.  There were also a number of small dents all over the tags.  So after many hours of pounding out the dents on my anvil, acid treating and filling/sanding the rust holes, it was time to paint them after a number of coats of primer/filler.



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So I painted the base coat with a single stage Acrylic Polyurethane auto paint.  I purchased red sign/lettering enamel to paint the red numbers/letters since it doesn't run easily but it flows pretty nicely and doesn't show brush marks.  I am pretty happy with the results.




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Very nice , steady hand !!

I did the same for my 55 Buick and was very surprised

to find out that Maryland only issued one plate in 1955 .

It is much easer to find a single then a pair !



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i just recently had our 1927 Plates restored in Porcelain!  Yes I know it wasn’t standard in 1927 to have porcelain however we love the look of the Black DE plates so we stole the idea!








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