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For Sale: 1963 Rambler Ambassador 990 - $3,999 - Moorhead, MN - Not Mine

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For Sale: 1963 Rambler Ambassador 990 -  $3,999 - Moorhead, MN


For Sale, Cute 1963 Rambler Ambassador, 990 V8. Automatic. Has air conditioning but I don't know if it works. Wonderful shape except for a tear in the front seat. Runs, put new rebuilt gas tank in it. Very well taken care of. Mileage unknown but under 50,000. Well kept car. Located near Moorhead in storage. Serious inquiries only please. Open to offers!

Contact:  (605) 9-4-one-0-five-six-8

Copy and paste in your email:  37e98c1c49f73b0f827b766d4fb993d1@sale.craigslist.org


I have no personal interest or stake in the eventual sale of this 1963 Rambler Ambassador 990 sedan. 

Note: This Ambassador 990, which was AMC's top-line sedan at $2,660, is unusually well equipped with options: A/C: $399; bucket seats: $99.50; Flash-O-Matic transmission: $219.50; power steering: $81.20; alternator: $12.00; Windshield washer: $11.95; Two-tone color on sedan: $19.95; back-up lights: $10.70; outside rear view mirrors: $10.60; Weather-Eye heater: $78.00; electric clock: $15.95; reclining front seats: $25.50; Dual speaker radio and antenna: $77.25, tinted glass: $45.50.  Others possibly that can't be determined from the photos: power brakes ($43.95), power door locks ($29.85), Twin-Grip differential: $42.70.  There is a very good likelihood this was an AMC dealer's personal family car given its model and equipment.

'63 Rambler Ambassador ND a.jpg

'63 Rambler Ambassador ND b.jpg

'63 Rambler Ambassador ND c.jpg

'63 Rambler Ambassador ND d.jpg

'63 Rambler Ambassador ND e.jpg

'63 Rambler Ambassador ND f.jpg

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Can't think of a better way for a high school or college student or anyone on a budget to get into an old car worth having. Will probably need a few things but that's part of the learning experience.


I'm kind of surprised A/C cost $400 in 1963. For some reason I thought it'd be less than that. Thanks for the education. 😉

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One of my college professors use to explain in his marketing class that his father purchased a new rambler every year. He then went on to complain he was abused as a child as a result of riding in them, and suffered from PTSD as a result. His therapy was to buy a new BMW every six months........and he did actually keep the pace up for the eight years I was in contact with him. While we all laughed at his stories........I always likes the Ramblers.......and would like to have a early 60’s rag top some time.

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