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What I Did During COVID Part 2 1938 66S Heater

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When I got my '38 it had the Deluze heater but was missing the top piece (with the doors) and defroster. I looked for a while on E Bay and finally got one with the defroster assy. Unfortunately it was gray hammertone instead of brown crackle. So during the downtime I had the shells and doors bead blasted and primed. I stripped the defrost plenum, primed, and painted black gloss. I stripped and overhauled both motors and painted by hand with black gloss sign paint. The frame holding the core I primed and painted gloss black. I hand painted the 2 pipes coming out of the core gloss black. I tested the core for leaks and cleaned up but did not paint. Finally, I painted the shells black crackle and lightly sprayed over in gloss brown.








Motor work





Black crackle



Core and frame




Bottom shell




Front badges



Front shell



Shell assembled







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Don, yes I have seen this. I have also seen black, although they were likely repainted. I decided to stick with the black in this case, and it looks better with the black hoses. I also forgot to mention I considered having the center bar rechromed, but that would mean repainting the crest. So I cleaned it up, hammered out the dents, and polished as best I could. Patina don'tcha know!


Cheers Dave

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I have seen some in black too. Perhaps, the heaters that came with the defrosters were brown to match and the ones as add ons were black.


I think either way is OK.


I have also seen variations on the brown color on original heaters and defrosters. Same with radios.

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