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Webmaster (and others): Expired Domain Capture

Guest John Chapman

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Guest John Chapman

All... I know this is not Buick-related, but it is of interest to those of us who maintain websites, depend on them for information and visit them regularly.

There is a site on AutoRestorer.com (a very good site in it's own right) regarding the restoration of a vintage Ferrarri (www.tomyang.net). Last week the Tom Yang site was hijacked by a web operator (www.ultsearch.com) out of Hong Kong who preys on high traffic sites that allow their domain name registration to expire. In reading through the treads on the forum, there was a lot of info on the underground business done in expired domain names. For those so inclined, it makes a great read... I learned a lot that I didn't know...

The following link is to a commercial site that offers tools to aid in taking advantage of expired domain names, but the linked article is great for info on how this scheme works, I invite your attention to:


Those with your own sites, this is essential reading.



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