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1934 Buick 273 Project Car - $7,950 (Bountiful) Not Mine

B Jake Moran

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GREAT PROJECT CAR! It’s a 273 model. Non-driver. Complete original parts included. Asking $7950 OBO... motivated seller. Texts preferred


Note mine but you can call Mark or text - (385) 424-0282


I agree in it's rarity but the last time I looked at "projects", which admittedly was a few years ago, I wouldn't even look at anything over $4000 and in the $1000 to $3500 range I might have 40-50 choices nationwide.  Now, with the Coronavirus and cars offered, it seems everyone is trying to get "max" and $8000 seems like a lot to me.  


Saw a 37 Buick Special project that looked nice, a nice complete project but the seller who had lost his job wanted $5500 or so - oh I'll just post it here - 



1937 Buick Special in storage since 1971.
Complete, solid and all original.
Many extra parts including additional engine, 4 tires, rims, gas tank, full pump...etc.
Just purchase as a project car but lost job and unfortunately needs to go.
$5,500 OBO
Call me at 847.922.0996




But - I have posted "several" nice ready to go Pre war Buicks just today for no more than $18,000 asking that a good negotiator can likely get for $16,000 or so.  And of course these "project" cars and even the nicer ones that may be negotiable down - we seldom know what they actually sell for, if they sell, and how long it takes to sell.  


I'm a suspicious sort and I always think these project car sellers like the 1936 Buick and this one are out to make money.  Am I the only guy that simply wants to make back my investment or lose a little (sometimes a lot)?  


I'd go $3000 on the 1936 Buick because I love the body style and the original paint color.  I'd go a bit less on this 37 Special.  




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