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1927 Buick Country Club Coupe - $19,500 (Omaha) Not Mine

B Jake Moran

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I agree Jake:

It will be a hard sell with those colors at that price.  Note the landau bars are upside down and on the wrong side. A 1927 Standard Country Club in the correctly executed colors to me is a lovely car. Below photos of one I judged at the 2014 Portland meet.




People used to say if you do not like the color simply repaint. To get a quality repaint would be in the $20,000 range

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On 10/23/2020 at 5:42 PM, B Jake Moran said:

BUT Mr. Earl states that white was a primary color in the 50's.


I think what I said was that Arctic White was the most ordered color in Buicks of 1954. I like white, except on pick up trucks, I hate white pick up trucks.😄

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