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What is the minimum cost of hobby cars , by era ?

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Almost aways start with the service manual of a car am thinking about. Often that tells me just which drivetrain to look for (why I specifically bought an 89 Allante and not some other year).

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17 hours ago, TTR said:

^^ This.

And same goes for just about any hobby.

They all cost something, some more, some less, and only thing that should matter is whether one gets sufficient amount of enjoyment/leisure/pleasure to justify costs involved.

If costs or financial related aspects are major concern or deterrent to enjoy ones hobby, it's pretty obviously wrong hobby for that person. 


Also, to paraphrase Red Adair: "If you think you can't afford to buy/own a classic/hobby/vintage/etc car in good condition, wait until you own or try restoring a rough (=cheap) one"

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19 hours ago, John_S_in_Penna said:

My 1916 car could have been double its cost

if it was pre-1916 and eligible for the Horseless Carriage



    Check out the bylaws for your local regional group.  Your 1916 car is eligible for all but the national HCCA tours, depending on which regional group you join.  The HCCA also has several registries for 1942 & older vehicles.

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