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Banjo steering wheel with Saginaw steering gear

Douglas Gilmore Brown

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Hi, Auburn seeker,


Thanks for your input!  I bought this at a country  auction last Sunday. It had been in  a Maine barn for over 50 years, and there was a heavy coating of grit and dried grease all over the the steering box. I thought it was from Hudson Terraplane, Studebaker, or another small maker at that time.


I got home and spent 45 minutes removing all the crud, which revealed the Saginaw marking. A few days later, I got to thinking it probably was GM. Googling Cadillac, LaSalle, Olds, Pontiac, and finally Chevrolet, I discovered it is 1938 Chevrolet. A few day's of baptizing the center nut in a 50 -50 mixture of ATF and acetone made its removal easy, and likewise eased the removal of the steering wheel from the shaft. (My thanks to a fellow on this site who revealed this magic formula !).


Checking eBay, I see that someone has sold a horn button like yours, but in worse shape, for a pretty decent sum. 


If it was for a 1936 or 1937 Dodge, I'd hang on to it; but probably will let the Chevy lovers on ebay have a shot at it. 

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Hi, Deliveryman,


Sorry, but it sold this almost immediately after I put it on ebay a few weeks ago. I used the proceeds toward a nice car hauling trailer that a fellow 8 miles down the road had for sale. Turns out that he has a nice (original paint)  1930 Chevy sedan in his garage.  It runs, but needs new wood in the driver's door. He wants to get it on the road. Nice to see a genuine barn find 90 year old car;  and he had some great stories about it.


If you can use a 1937 Chevy banjo wheel, there are a couple of them on ebay right now for under $400.00.


One of them looks really nice; better condition than mine was. Check it out.


There is a 1938 one also on ebay, but the ring is broken. I'm guessing the 1938 is scarcer than the 1938.

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