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1941 Plymouth Fuel tank

Pat Corcoran

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Those tank strap nuts are not a regular nut. They are hex at the top and about an 1" of tubular threads below the hex.

I have removed dozens of those nuts and straps.

Most break the top of the strap even using vise grips, penetrate etc.

I cut them off at the strap threaded portion  leaving at least 1/4 to 1/2" below the tube hex nut.

Then remove the strap and nut.

Using only an oxy/ acetylene torch heat the nut red hot...apply candle wax to the  inner nut with threads and immediately remove the broken remaining threaded strap bolt from the nut.

I think "moparpro" on ebay sells those strap nuts though.

I save them and repair/remake the damaged strap and ends as originally made.



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