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Marmon Sixteen?

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3 hours ago, alsancle said:

There is probably another one or two but this is the only example I know of with those wheel disks.   Although,  now that I look,  they are different.


FOR SALE: 1931 Marmon V16 Convertible Coupe by LeBaron - Marmon - Antique  Automobile Club of America - Discussion Forums


Hey, I took that photo!


Fantastic car, beautifully restored, well sorted. I think it has changed hands at least once since I knew it, however.

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3 minutes ago, alsancle said:



Crazy awesome and it goes against John's warning against gray.



Actually, it was kind of greenish-gray. Double whammy! It was a color combination selected by Dave Holls at the behest of Phil Bray and it looked great in person. Hard to photograph even under the best circumstances because it was so subtle.

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Steve you comment about color is one that I would make! With bold colors you loose the overall concept of the design of the car. Designers/artists want people to see their skill and work not a bold color! Yes, there were some bold colors on cars in the 1929-34 era but mostly in warmer climates ( Florida, California) as people wanted to be noticed - in that time era the economic depression happened , people who were wealthy did not flaunt that ( like they currently do??!!!) as many of that era didn't have enough $ for a full course meal that was $1.25. As I have mentioned before there are some current experts who will sound off 'but for $50 extra you could have had a car painted any color you wanted' Thing is people weren't making $50 a month wages and you could have easily bought a very nice , great condition 2 or 3 year old car for $50.00 . Take everything into perspective of the era.

I am sure 50 years from now statements will be made about the current health and economic situation by experts who know or see little beyond what they are told .

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