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Champion C-4 Brass Top Spark Plugs

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They are the correct plugs for 1929-31 Packards (maybe other years as well). They are also the correct plugs for V-8 Fords. Surprisingly, the relatively high prices for them are dictated by the hardcore Ford fans, not the Packard restorers (I saw one box of NOS plugs at Hershey two years ago with a price tag of $500... advertised for Ford).


I've been collecting a lot of the C-4s in the past few years trying to put together a set (or two... or three). They are 3-piece take-apart plugs. My goal was to find the best insulators and marry them to the best iron pieces. What I soon discovered was that there are at least a few different designs of insulators, and simply swapping the good for the bad wasn't in the cards. By the time I'm done putting them all back together, I may have a set available.



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