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Engine Identifaction SBC

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Hello Guys,


My name is Leroy and i'am from the Netherlands. 

I have a engine here on my stand, but i cannot detirmen  what kind it is.


the casting number on the back says : 3970010 

also i found the id number at the front near the alternator 15Y152084k1104

Suffix : CMJ


on the passenger side of the block i also found : A7.

and also on passenger side hardly to read: 4 0


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Hello Leroy,

I used this site to find this information: http://www.1968ss.com/sbcnumbers.asp


3970010 = Chevrolet small block V8 casting number, 1969-1980


There were at oleast 3 different "CMJ" suffix engines with this same casting number:

CMJ = 1974 Full size passenger car, 350 CI (5.7L), 4 barrel carb "Police" equipment option, THM400 automatic transmission

CMJ = 1975 Chevrolet 350 CI (5.7L) passenger car, automatic transmission

CMJ = 1980 Chevrolet Camaro 305 CI (5.0L) with automatic transmission


Engine ID number 15Y152084: 1= Chevrolet, 5= 1975 Model Year, Y - Wilington, Delaware assembly plant, 152084=last 6 digits of vehicle identification number

K1104 = St Catherines, Ontario, Canada engine plant, production date 1104 = 04 November


So, your engine came from a 1975 full size Chevrolet passenger car.

It was originally equipped with a 4 barrel Rochester Quadrajet carburetor and was rated at 145 HP.







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