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1969 convertible VW

Ginger Conrad

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2 hours ago, Ginger Conrad said:

Hi! Looking for a place that will help me with a total renovation project for my 69 Convertible VW- any recommendations in the gulf coast and surrounding areas?

You should find a shop that is very familiar/good reputation with air cooled VWs, not an "all makes of cars" restoration shop.   It would save you a lot of money in the long run..... That's just my opinion as a former factory trained VW dealer mechanic back when you car was new. I've seen so many Bugs that were repaired wrong the first time by inexperienced people, and I had to redo what was poorly done.


I suggest you to join;  "the samba" , a huge website that is the best, most active vintage VW forum site for decades.  The  people there should be able to help you:


Main page is: https://www.thesamba.com/vw/


Here is the "68-up VW Bug" forum address you should post in, as they have many other forums for all different year ranges and types of VW's.



Those years of Bugs can be as reliable as a new car, and a blast to own and drive...if done correctly. 


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