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1970 Buick GS video

Peter Gariepy

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Lou always does a good job. I was Lou's first "My Car Story in 2013 at MCACN with my 1973 mostly all original Gran Sport Stage1 Sun Coupe! (Good story for another day!) He also redid and made a longer video of the Sun Coupe at MCACN in 2016 where it won its 2nd Concours Gold Award with 986 points. He did my Four Speed '73 at MCACN in 2017 when it won Concours Gold with 1000 out of 1000 points, and also won the Platinum Award for Best Buick. He also did my T code '73 at MCACN in 2019 which won a Day Two Concours Gold Award. Total of 4 videos so far. This 1970 GS is my friend Carl Rychlik's car which has won Concours Gold at MCACN 2X and had a Autoworld Model car made of it also in the Cars of MCACN series. The car was also Car of the year in 2006? Hemmings Muscle Machines. Gorgeous car!

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