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Door Mirrors 1939 LZ 4 door

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Ford offered hinge pin mirrors for both the Ford and Mercury in 1939. I cannot find a list of accessories for the Lincoln Zephyr, but I doubt that there was a clamp on mirror offered as an official Ford accessory.


It is your car and you can add the clamp on mirrors if you like them better.


Removing the hinge pin on an 80 year old car can be challenging. First you must make sure that no one has mushroomed the bottom end and that there is no wear on the pin. Then you can try driving the pin up using a brass rod so you will not mushroom the end. If that doesn't work, your best bet is to drill out the center of the pin.

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Thanks' Tom, really appreciate the help, it's getting harder to find information on the cars. Would prefer the hinge style but the car as just been painted so I will give it some thought. Really need mirrors on these cars.

Thank you

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I remember when I restored my '38 LZ Conv. , I used the Ford mirrors with the curved  arm. I think the part# started with a  68- This

is a ". bear of a job"  , since your car is now painted. It will still cost you some money. "Eastwood" sells a nice hinge pin remover. You must 

take your time!!!!  Use cardboard and painter's tape all around the hinge area.   Of course the best way is to heat the hinge , but can't do that now!

As "19tom40" mentioned above, predrill the bottom of the exiting pin the exact diameter about 1/4" to 3/8" from the bottom.

                                                                                                                                      Good Luck!

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