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Looking for a set of front wheels for my 1926 pierce truck xa 2 ton model

correct wheels are 20” with two rows of flat spokes and have solid rubber

im also in need a few other smaller bits and pieces, the model xb 3 ton pierce are the same also

if anyone can help please let me know

thanks mike

added a few pictures of the wheels im looking for



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Well AL  where to begin, the collection of 4 pierce arrow trucks that were in Massachusetts were originally bought to my attention by a fellow pierce arrow truck owner in pensylvania 

he had a banner made some years ago which he put up on his stand at Hersheys, the banner had on it “pierce arrow truck parts wanted” and his contact details or something like that, anyway years go by and then one day out of the blue a guy phones him up and tells him he wants to sell 4 PA trucks but he wants them to all go as one deal, he didnt want to muck around with lots of people coming to his property, so i got told about them, there was an early complete 2 ton 1917 truck and a couple of 20’s parts trucks, (as described by the owner) the other truck was a 20’s 5 ton model with a dumpbed on back and it was restored and ran, this was the one he wanted, anyway with covid complicating everything and the logistics of buying and moving 4 trucks it was just too hard, so nothing happened and they sold to someone else and then about a month later they popped up on the pierce arrow facebook page and through facebook i  ended up buying the parts i needed from one of the parts trucks which was the same era as mine except a heavier model which shares the same diametre wheels only they are an inch wider, i couldnt pass them up, ive also got the gearstick and selector topcover which is in a bad state but good enough for a patern ? if i cant repair the bits?  light brkts, bumper mount springs and shafts and leftside engine cover, i now have the parts safely stored at a mates place in Virginia with a pile of Liberty parts and hope to ship it all back here sometime next year, its actually been just over a year now since i had my first set of pierce arrow wheels and some other parts that i bought in CA lost by a useless nz shipping company, but ive kept at it and now got a result that im happy with, 


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I have hunted Pierce Arrows in Massachusetts for fifty years.........and was not familiar with the four trucks........I wonder how they escaped me. What town were they in? Having a home in the state, I probably have driven by them and not realized they were  just a few feet away.

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Hi Ed, look on the pierce arrow facebook page, the guys name is Artie he wants to sell some of the trucks

the 1917 2 ton truck is what id like but with covid and shipping been really hard to get done i had to pass, ive seen your survivor car, looks amazing,

check out those trucks mate

cheers mike.

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