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Climate Control Problem

BT Bay

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If coming out the right outlet are really three possibilities

1) out of coolant

2) heater plugged

3) diverter valve not moving

Since the last is common on a Reatta, would start there. Diverter valve is actuated by a rod linking the programmer module to the valve. Both are easy to see if you remove the glove box. If you set the temp to MAX COOL it should move slowly one way. Change to MAX WARM and it should move the other way - takes qute a few seconds for full travel.

If it doesn't move then either the valve is stuck or the "Programmer" module has failed and if you can select the air mode (change air from under dash to dash outlets to defroster) then is probably not the programmer.

Have seen trash get in area and jam the rod.

Rod linkage is on top of programmer (3x6" black thingie with cardboard on on side - lotsa vaccuum hoses go in bottom).


Anyone experience a sticking selection valve - air output to defroster unless you kick the dashboard and then there is a POP-clatter and it comes out the right vents ? May just change the programmer and see if fixes but though would mention here first.

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