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Lyon bumper part needed

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My 1922 Buick had a Lyon bumper from the Metal Stamping Company on the front and I am about to the point where I am ready to attach that bumper again.  I wonder if any folks have one of these spring clips that they are willing to part with? I need 4 of these but I have only 3.  



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Oh lord, and where on the bumper do those clips go exactly? By the J hooks?

I have one and detached it and I’ll be honest - I’ve never seen that part before in my life.



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I’ll go out and take a close look at the bumper after work tomorrow. There’s just a small chance, but I have several small boxes of fasteners and other small parts I haven’t identified yet that the prior owner had collected up as spares. There are an awful lot of lug nut clamps (or whatever they are called) and other things about that size.

The Lyon bumper on my car was certainly a 1980’s Hershey find because it didn’t appear in earlier pictures of the car. You never know, maybe he spotted a few and hoarded those up too. Have this foreboding feeling though - that is such a unique piece it’s doubtful it would be identifiable to anyone if no longer attached to a bumper.

Just the sort of thing that it might be easier to find another Lyon bumper than a clip belonging to it...

Cross your fingers.

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I have a couple of those J hooks and metal brackets as well. I have wondered how it all is supposed to go together.   I know how the front hole is supposed to work,  but not the J bolt.     



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Here are some photos of how mine was attached.  You can see where I was missing the clip(for lack of a better label for it) on the passenger side when I purchased the car.  I also attached some information from Metal Stamping company about this Lyon Bumper.

Orig bumper attachment left side.jpg

Bumber mount closeup left side.jpg

Lyon Bumpers advertisement.jpg

photo of Lyon bumpers.jpg

Orig bumper attachment right side.jpg

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Well, there’s a reason I didn’t recognize that part — my Lyon is a different kind of animal. Or that one part at least. In fact it uses two differing parts for each side pair. The furthermost one has a beveled edge on the left ‘ear’ and the rearward one does not - I have no idea why. No spares either but had fun poking through all the parts again. Haven’t the slightest clue what most of them are but the way this car has gone I know one day I will....

Can’t describe things well so I’ll let the pictures do the talking. The more I looked at it the more I realized I don’t recall exactly how it mounted either. It all made sense when I took it all apart a year ago. FAK.



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