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Intake manifold leak or ???????????


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I really don't care as this is a parts car but am curious about what could be wrong.


The other day I started up a parts car I have with only 80,000 miles on it. Bad transmission but engine always seemed OK.

When I started it up lots and lots and lots of white smoke came from the exhaust. I drove it down the road about a quarter mile and when I got back the smoke stopped.

I then used the car for testing headlight switches and then parked it. 

The next day I went to start it and it started REALLY hard and when it did lots of white smoke again. Again after running for a few minutes the smoke quit.

I am sure it is water/anti freeze getting in the cylinders but how?

Any thoughts.

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Usually can smell antifreeze in the exhaust, and probably seals up when warm . It is not uncommon for the intake manifold to erode around the coolant passage at the left rear port, at least that is my experience. If not leaking externally it's about 1/2" to #6 intake port, but then both seals would need to be bad? Of course a headgasket could do the same. Any water in the oil, or contamination in the coolant?

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