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"Stutson Special " project

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I am building this Special on Hudson Super six 1925 running gear , as you may imagine it started life as a four door sedan ,

I purchased the car in what we would call "reduced Circumstances" and being a big Stutz Fan I thought rather than waste the bones I could build something myself for fun and personal enjoyment something that loosely resembles the wonderful Stutz bearcat of the twenties, I do so in the knowledge that it would not profess to be ever a copy rather a special .

My friends have dubbed it the "Stutson" being a play on words between my own name Sutton and Stutz!!!  Anyway after almost 2years in my workshop, I can expect to drive it soon, just upholstery Hood and wiring to complete just making taillights and bits and bobs just found a suitable front bumper assembly last weekend which i will add for a more balanced look 

running gear is all standard i have moved the engine and Radiator back a little for better balance too ,

I hope this posting will not offend both Hudson and Stutz owners that would not be my intention 

i hope you find it fun to look alan sutton NZ

IMG_3411 stutson.JPG

IMG_3192 stutson Specail.JPG

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That is very clever...so many of these specials don't look anything like a real mid-20s car but this succeeds everywhere. You don't say where you are but I take it this is Australia or New Zealand? The RHD and wire wheels would be pretty unusual here.


oops...you did say. I missed that.

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thank you for your complimentary remarks i just joined the site and did some posts today its great to have a chance to share and discuss so i guess i will get addicted?


yes the old car I bought to restore this as you see, it  had these attractive factory order Buffalo center locks wheels  fitted which was one of the deciding factors in acquiring the donor car . this was a right hand drive factory export  new to NZ in I think 1926 , but with the approx right chassis length etc etc i thought we could scale this to look right. I reside in Arrowtown NZ and the body frame ( southland Beech) and shape is fairly simple really and very light too

the headlamps are Peerless the dashboard is an old mahogany bed head and the fenders are off the sedan with filled in rear sections we have made the windscreen and hood bows etc from scratch which was great fun .


My late father who was a cabinet maker used to say even though you have all the measurments right its a great idea to stand back every so often to see if it looks right .I agree with this .


I have seen some rebodies or creations that have been built fully in a workshop without viewing in the open every once in a while that just don't in my view have the right scale  any way my ten cents ?


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