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Here are two pins from a small collection. During the 80's and 90's at Carlisle and Hershey vendor's would display large collections of their Pins, Spark Plugs, Maps, advertising, before the internet took control.  I always enjoyed viewing the different collections in the old canvas tents and buying a few items. I have more neat ones.

20201014_084656 (1).jpg


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Somehow I missed responding to this post- sorry for the delay!

I've collected pins, buttons, fobs, and other "trinkets" for a long time, and also always enjoy searching the flea markets and rummaging thru boxes and trays of small things.  Collecting them sure doesn't take up the space that larger objects to, and price-wise, they tend to be reasonable (sometimes).  My own interests are wide-ranging, from salesman's lapel pins, to auto show give away buttons, advertising pins and stickpins, etc.   Here are a few examples. 



1919 NY Auto Show.jpg

Dunlop gold 1905.JPG

Stickpin early auto.JPG

Souvenir Hot Springs SD Pin.jpg

Pin group 1 my collection.jpg

Pin group 2 my collection.jpg

Pin group 3 my collection.jpg

Pin group 4 my collection.jpg

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Could I trouble you for a closeup picture of the Maxwell lapel pin from your collection? I have book from 1917 showing it and other Maxwell merchandise.



Howard Dennis

100_5224 (2).JPG

100_5225 (3).JPG

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Here’s about the best I can get with my phone. The resolution could be better...


I also took a new overall picture because I had bought a few more and stuck them wherever I could fit them.



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1 minute ago, pontiac1953 said:

Here's what I wear going to a car show, swap meet, or Pontiac Oakland Club International meeting, along with my Technical Advisor name pin.


next year i'll be receiving my P.O.C.I. 45 year membership pin.

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Those are great Terry. They are made from celluloid, which is a plastic-like material.  It's the same stuff that movie film, ping-pong balls, and guitar picks have been made from over the years.  It's very flammable.  There are a few other similar advertising pieces to be on the lookout for.   The do turn up occasionally on the internet for sale.


Buick valve in head pin with attachment.jpg

Overland cellulloid pin.jpg

Overland celluoid pin back side.jpg

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